Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 January 23, Our first Guindon Yandeau Reunion Meeting - Montreal

The “Fall” 2013 Guindon Newsletter has been published. If you did not receive your copy via e-mail please forward your correct e-mail address to lk.aitch@gmail.com

Watch for an update on the 2015 Guindon reunion after our proposed telephone conference on-line reunion meeting the first week of March.

Our first Guindon/Yandeau Telephone Conference Online Reunion Meeting
was held Jan 23 2014 at 9 am with the following committee members:

Carol Walker Manitoba
Debra Fox Alberta
Gail Fox Alberta
Joyce Fraser Alberta
Jodi Williams Alberta
Laverne Aitchison Arizona
Bonnie Flannery Montana
JoAnne Guindon Wilson Ontario

Everyone was pleased with the Conference meeting as we were able to discuss items and see onscreen webpages and e-mails so everyone could give their input.

It was decided that each family would be responsible for their travel and accommodation in Montreal.


TENTATIVE DATE: September 18 – September 21 2015

LOCATION: Joyce Fraser will be checking on venues to hold the reunion

 Travel agents

 (AAA/CAA?)


 Banquet hall

 Accommodation

 RV campgrounds

Jodi Williams will continue to host the Guindon Yandeau Facebook page and all are encouraged to join and participate. Jodi will send her Guindon contact list to Laverne Aitchison & Gail Fox so we can update our address list. Laverne Aitchison’s e-mail will be added to the guindon.yandeau.blog

The next Guindon/Yandeau online Reunion Meeting will tentatively be held Feb 20 at 4pm. Debra Fox will send out a reminder and confirm date and time of meeting.

If you would like to join the meeting or volunteer for a position please reply to lk.aitch@gmail.com

Thank you to Debra Fox for her time and effort to make this meeting bring us all together to share our thoughts and concerns for the upcoming reunion. Our meeting on March 6 will review the progress of where we will hold the reunion in Montreal, accommodation and tours.

Also we will discuss positions to be filled and the reunion plans for France.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Guindon Newsletter Fall 2013 - very late but in the works. May not be published until Jan 2014

Worth waiting for as there will be a feature page for the Thomas Yondau aka Thomas Adam family, hopefully to link these families together before some of them come to the Montreal Guindon Reunion 2015. We have another bonus to share about one of our members recording ANYONE WITH THE GUINDON NAME. Also there will be an update on the plans for the Guindon Reunion 2015. Yes, it is going ahead as we have had very good response to the Montreal event which we are leaning towards May 2015. Please feel free to comment on date. The Loudun, France Guindon Reunion 2015 which will follow the Montreal event has had good response as well. As of the fall Guindon Newsletter the Guindon Reunion BULLETIN will be published separately in order to allow space for all the upcoming news and information to make the Guindon Reunion 2015 a success. Open to any suggestions or updates for the 2015 Guindon Reunion in Montreal, Quebec or Loudun, France.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Guindon 2015 Family Reunion Proposal / Guindon 2015 Family Reunion Proposition

Guindon 2015 Family Reunion Proposal / Guindon 2015 Family Reunion Proposition
From the 2012 Guindon Reunion Survey questionnaire it was a tie between Montreal, Quebec and Loudun, France. Therefore with some research this is some of the information gleaned from working with Patti Bradley of the “ExpediaCruiseShipCenters” in Kamloops, British Columbia. Patti has requested that Laverne Aitchison be the contact person so we can keep e-mail to a minimum and she will not have to filter the contacts.
If you have any questions for the 2015 Reunion please reply with “REUNION” in the subject line to:           lk.aitch@gmail.com

Option: 1 –                                                                 
·        1 week on a private tour of the Montreal and Quebec City area.
Possible points of interest:          
§  1749 L’Isle Jesus seigneurie of Jean Guindon and Pierre Guindon
§  Kings Daughters -  Filles du Roi     (Maison Gabriel)
§  Laval, Ile Jesus, Quebec
§  St Benoit, Deux Montagnes, Quebec 
§  Maple Sugar Shack (History of the Maple Syrup in Old Town Montreal)
§  Free time/ other ideas for stops of interest
§ Site seeing tour of Old Quebec (one day)
*Some may wish to return home at this point or include either/or Option 2, 3 or 4

Option: 2 
·        Flight from Montreal to Paris and spend 1 week with a private tour of the Loudun Area, tracing family history/heritage   (Minimum numbers would apply).
Option: 3
·        Additional week of private tour encompassing areas of interest of group.
·        (Bordeaux, Angers, Le Mans) (Minimum numbers would apply)

Option: 4
·        Option 1 with either one or two more weeks of individual travel, keeping in mind the departure point for group pricing will be Paris.

*Air Transat group pricing is based on departure from Montreal and returning from Paris.
(Minimum for group rate is 10 passengers which would be for each of these options.)


Du Guindon questionnaire de l'Enquête Réunion 2012, il avait un lien entre Montréal, Québec et Loudun, France. Donc avec une certaine recherche c'est une partie de l'information tirée de travailler avec Patti Bradley des «ExpediaCruiseShipCenters" à Kamloops, en Colombie-Britannique. Patti a demandé que Laverne Aitchison être la personne à contacter afin que nous puissions e-mail à un minimum et elle n'aura pas à filtrer les contacts.
Si vous avez des questions pour la Réunion 2015 s'il vous plaît répondre avec "Reunion" dans la ligne objet d': lk.aitch @ gmail.com

N'oubliez pas qu'il s'agit ENQUÊTE PRÉLIMINAIRE ......
NOUS devons commencer quelque part

Option: 1 -
• 1 semaine sur une visite privée de la région de Montréal et de Québec.
 les points d'intérêt possibles:
 Archives
 1749 L'Isle Jésus seigneurie de Jean Guindon et Pierre Guindon
 Kings Daughters - Filles du Roi (Maison Gabriel)
 Laval, Ile Jesus, Quebec
 St Benoit, Deux-Montagnes, Québec
 cabane à sucre (Histoire du sirop d'érable dans la vieille ville de Montréal)
 Temps libre / d'autres idées pour les arrêts d'intérêt
 Site visite guidée du Vieux-Québec (un jour)
* Certains voudront peut-être retourner à la maison à ce moment ou inclure soit / ou Option 2, 3 ou 4

Option: 2
• Vol de Montréal vers Paris et dépenser 1 semaine avec une visite privée de la zone Loudun, retraçant l'histoire / patrimoine familial (nombre minimum s'appliquent).
Option: 3
• semaine supplémentaire de visite privée qui englobe les domaines d'intérêt du groupe.
• (Bordeaux, Angers, Le Mans) (nombre minimum s'appliquent)
• Option 1 avec une ou deux semaines de plus de voyages individuels, en gardant à l'esprit le point de départ pour prix de groupe sera Paris.

* Air Transat prix groupe est basé au départ de Montréal et à son retour de Paris.
(Minimum de tarif de groupe est de 10 passagers qui seraient pour chacune de ces options.)

TENTAVIVELY juillet 2015